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Race Route

The overall race route map here shows major points, cut-off stations for the 3 non-stop categories of 111 Km, 222 Km & 333 Km. Runners in the 555 km category (edition X) will turn back after 333 towards Tanglang La, followed by Rumptse, Lato, Upshi and Karu, from where you turn to-wards Serthi and climb Wari La which will be the 5th mountain pass on the route. From the top of Wari La, you again turn to-wards Karu and head on the Karu-Spituk Road towards Leh. At Spituk, you cross the Spituk Bridge on Indus river and come on Leh- Srinagar Highway, where you turn right towards the airport / GH road. Race finishes at the Shanti Stupa top. A map or a visual presentation will be shared soon. In edition X, we are also introducing a 55 km category that will have a 11 hr cut-off and will start from Serthi, going up to Wari La. An altitude map for both 55 & 555 categories is shared below the main route map.




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