The La Ultra is probably the cruelest running event in the world. But we take pride in making this a top quality event for Runners. Our core team and volunteers understand that this event belongs to the runners and commit to doing whatever is possible to make it an awesome experience for every runner.

Like every running event, we have a set of rules and guidelines that we follow diligently. We are here to cater to whatever special needs a runner might have. Having said that, safety is of prime importance to us. This includes the safety of runners and everybody else involved with this event. As we have said before, the conditions at the La Ultra can change quickly and dramatically. The altitude can cause issues to the very best trained runners – and these issues can come up at any time. We seek that all runners help us in our efforts to make this a safe and fun event by reviewing the information in this section and cooperating with the organisers.

Start Line 2014

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