Failing is not a crime; lack of Effort is.

Race Director

Dr. Rajat Chauhan is the founder, creator of La Ultra – The High. The idea was conceived in 2009 after he moved to India from London and planned to continue his love for ultra running. He’s a trained sports medicine & a musculo-skeletal expert and runs Back 2 Fitness clinic in Delhi where he works with athletes to common man on achieving optimum level of physical fitness and help them achieve their goals.

He writes for Hindustan Times newspaper, Forbes India magazine & blog. He is also the Associate Editor at British Journal of Sports Medicine. In the past he had set up the Sports & exercise department at Manipal Hospitals closely focusing on Golf & Running. Worked at Kieser Training UK and was involved in injury prevention of some of the UK junior sprint squad who were being trained for 2012 Olympics.

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