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The High Camp : Run-Squat-Skip

About The High Camp:

The High Camp involves RunningSquatting and Skipping. It’ll be held from 15th – 25th August, dates that the 11th edition of La Ultra – The High would have taken place this year.

Why Running, Squatting & Skipping?
Run: We ran to be born. That’s exactly what we did when we were sperms. Running is a basic instinct of being human. It isn’t an exercise. It is a natural movement, when you speed up walking, you are running. It kept us alive when our ancestors were hunters and food gatherers. All of us ran too as kids. And our form was perfect till the society interfered. As a matter of fact, as foetus we cycled in the womb even before we came into this world. Let’s reclaim our natural movements.

Squat: Only a few thousands of years back when there were no chairs, when our ancestors weren’t lying down or upright, were squatting. It kept our backs and legs to be strong and far more mobile than they are today. We need to get back to the basics, one baby step, rather, one tiny squat at a time.

Skip: Good runners are soft on their feet and run with their hips rather than their knees. Also, most excited runners today have very stiff ankles and feet. Soon they get hurt. We will start by learning to be soft on our feet, landing gently. This can happen with a skipping with or without a rope.

Why go slow?
Injuries will be markedly reduced and you will be able to do justice to what you are capable of doing, which most folks who rush into such activities never end up doing. By the time we get 15th August, you’ll be so fit that it’ll surprise you and Atmanirbhar will have a whole new meaning for you.

Who qualifies to join for The High Camp:
If you walk and sit, you are qualified to join. It is not a competition or a challenge of any sort. Idea is to simply become better than your yester self. Age is not a bar.

Build up to The High Camp: all weekends 
All participants who register get to attend workshop sessions talking about fitness, running, squats and skips on Saturday and/or Sunday till 15th August, i.e. 6 weekends. We’ll together do skips and squats. Idea is to help the participants to gradually, over 6 weeks, to build a solid foundation, one baby step at a time.

The High Camp Dates: 15th – 25th August 
For The High Camp, you can choose to do whichever category in all or any of run, squat & skip. You don’t have to decide on the numbers right now. I am pretty sure that all of you will surprise yourself by the time we get to 15th August.

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The entries for the HIGH CAMP are now closed. Use Contact us page to send us your query

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