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Double A’s Report (August 8, 2015)

Location: Goba Guest House

Day 3 in Leh and feeling much better. Head felt clear despite not sleeping well last night for some unknown reason. Made a group of 7 (6 runners and myself) to go on an acclimatisation walk/run on a trail close to Leh. 

We left at 9:30 with Alex (Germany), Dunia (Bahrain), Kieron (New Zealand), Stewart (Scotland), Chris (Singapore), Ping Ping (China) and myself. The goal was to climb up from 11,500 ft to about 14,000 feet. This was a trail between two mountains close to our hotel. We reached 14K in a climb over 6 kms. I was in awe of all the runners. Some were much better going uphill and others were just gliding on the return. In all about 11.5 km up and down for me. 

This was my first day out with Stewart, Alex, Dunia, Chris and Ping Ping. Got to know them a bit. Kieron is staying with us at the Goba and have got familiar with him. He has wry sense of humour and we are having a blast. 

Happy to share 3 pictures just to give you a feel of this course. Of course, no camera can do justice to the views and the gradient.  

 Spent the afternoon lazing around Goba and we will probably spend rest of the evening working out plans for tomorrow. I’m still undecided. Might spend tomorrow marking the course for the Volunteer 21K run planned on the 13th(I’ve taken responsibility for this) or go with a group of runners planning to go up Wari La to 15,000 ft. 

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  1. navyacv21

    Wow beautiful Place Double A !!!

  2. lkreadinglist

    AMAZING pictures!

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