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Double A’s Report (August, 6 2015)

Location: Goba Guest House, Leh
Greetings! Got in to Leh on a morning flight from Delhi around 0730. Apparently it has been raining in this area for the last few days which is very unusual. Some roads are closed and all flights into Leh were cancelled yesterday. So I am lucky that there were no disruptions and I got to Leh as scheduled.  


The Leh airstrip is in a valley in between two mountains. A hard bank to the left and a quick descent on a short runway makes for an exhilarating entry into Leh. Vijay and Chetan were kind enough to be at the airport to receive runners and crew coming in. There are 4-5 flights coming in to Leh in the space of two hours from Delhi. A 15 minute drive brought me back to the Goba Guest House. This is where we stayed last year also. So it did feel like we were coming back home. Time stands still here! All the people at the Goba and the place itself remains unchanged from last year. 

Most of us caught a prelunch nap as we were sleep deprived. The runners who came in from Australia and the UK are also fighting jet lag. We walked down to lunch at the Woodland restaurant. Lunch was Rotis, Sabzi and Dal. Really good. We spent a couple of hours walking around town. Of course, Leh is tiny and you can walk around the whole town in a few hours. 

We discovered that there has been no Internet access in the whole district fir the last five days due to rain damage. I felt a little disturbed because I wanted to keep my commitment of updating the blog. We asked some of the locals about the status and they said “Jab Aayega Tab Aayega” (it will come when it comes). Incredibly we got access about two hours back and I’m able to share this over a patchy network. 

Spent a lot of time chatting up with Kieron from Australia/New Zealand, one of the runners. 

The strict recommendation is to take it easy for the first 36 hours. We are at 11,500 feet and already feeling the effect of altitude. I have developed a mild headache and am hoping to feel better tomorrow. Sipping water continuously because it helps. My room is on the 2nd floor and it is weird to get breathless just climbing stairs to the 2nd floor!

Anyway, hoping to get an early small dinner and go to bed early. Goba now has an LCD TV and a dish! So might watch #BengaluruBulls #LePanga and introduce some of these runners to Kabaddi ( for the uninitiated!). 

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