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Double A’s Report (August 5, 2015)

Location: Bangalore Airport
As with other journeys, my experience with the 6th Edition of the La Ultra begins on Day 1! I spent the morning going over my checklist to ensure that I had packed all the essentials. After several years of international travel experience, I have learnt to travel light and carry only the essentials. As with my other trips, my Wallet with my ID, Credit Card and my phone are critical. Everything else on the checklist will be necessary. So I ensured that I had these with me before my wife dropped me to the bus stop to hop on a bus to Bangalore airport. 
I got in well in advance and after checkin I still have half hour to boarding which is why I thought this is a good opportunity to share me thoughts as I head out to Leh. The flight connections are such that I have to fly to Delhi and stay over for a connecting flight early tomorrow morning. 
I can already feel the body relaxing and my mind switching to a calmer state. My memories of last year (at the 2014 edition) have ensured that I feel no anxiety as I know what to expect. Of course, the La Ultra is all about the unexpected, but then again, no point worrying about the future. So let me be in the moment. 
It will be great to see some old cohorts including Doc, Ankit, Neha, Sonam, Priyanka, Daniel, Vijay Bhai, Chetan and Ankush again. Unfortunately many others from last year will not be returning. Also looking forward to seeing cheery Mark and Jup. 
Anyways, the first leg of my journey, a flight to Delhi, is about to begin and I feel blessed to be able to experience Ladakh yet again. Looking forward to the homely Goba and meeting this year’s participants and crew.  


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