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Double A’s Report (August 15,2015)

Greetings! Internet access continues to be miserable. I have decided to type my blog and upload whenever I can!

All the runners, personal and Core Crews moved to a camp near Distik Village in Nubra Valley. We left Leh around 10 am and drove through some crazily bumpy and treacherous 'roads' via Sputh Pullu, Khardung La, North Pullu and Khardung Village. We reached our camp around 4:30 pm. Unfortunately the runners are staying in a different place about 2 kms away.

We spent a couple of hours playing 'Pithoo' (aka Lagori or Soorchand in the South of India). It was a total blast because we played in an area of about 1000 sq ft and there were as many as 6 players in each team. We had a hard ball so we decided to allow underarm throws and below the knees only.

Most of us turned in early. Incredibly there was a TV with Dish Service and I watched a Pro Kabaddi game of Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu was sweet to watch Bulls qualify for Semis.

Spent an hour chatting with The 'Doc' Rajat Chauhan (Race Director) about deep ideas about Self, Ego etc.


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