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Double A’s Report (August 12, 2015)

Greetings! Spent the day in Leh making arrangements for the Volunteer Half Marathon tomorrow. This was my first experience with an 'organised run'.

I spent the morning shuttling between the Leh Chen Hotel and Goba trying to figure out who was going to participate. Getting an exact headcount was necessary to get the materials list done accurately. Since some volunteers wanted an easier event, we added a 10.5 K and also invited cyclists into the event. The key objective was to get as many of the volunteers to participate in this event so that we could bond and get to know each other well before the main run which starts in 4 days time.

I confirmed 15 participants across the three events 1) 21 K 2) 10.5 K and cycling. Then I spent time with Vijay Bhai who helps us with all our logistics in Leh to get a Van, a SUV and a Camper arranged. This would allow us to ferry the participants, crew and cycles. Vijay also helped with material for the 4 Aid stations. We estimated the amount of water that we would need. Also added biscuits, bananas, candy bars and energy drinks to the list. Spent another hour putting together the First Aid kits for the aid stations. The run itself is in a very remote area and we want to ensure that we are well prepared to provide for all possible needs.

In the evening, picked up bicycles for hire for couple of participants who wanted to cycle and take pictures. Priyanka helped me pick mementos for this event. A chain with Black Tourmaline stone, which allegedly wards off evil and ill effects of mobile phones was identified as the memento. Of course, we had to convince the shopkeeper to make 20 custom mementos for us by evening.

Black Tourmaline Stone

Late in the evening, we prepared a check list for each aid station and prepared one box for each aid station. A quick briefing to te volunteers followed. Mark, Ankush, Sukrit (participants in the La Ultra) and George were gracious to offer their assistance to man the aid stations.

We were all set by 10 pm. Now to get some rest. Need to wake up 3:30 and get going tomorrow. Thanks to assistance from Mark, Sukrit, Ankush and George, I plan to run myself. Looking forward to it.


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