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Double A’s Report (August 11, 2015)

The Volunteer Run is creeping up on us. Ankush and me have taken responsibility for putting it together. We spent the morning thinking through the logistics and confirming participants and crew. What is cool about this is that many of the runners will be crewing for us volunteers who will run. Looking forward to it.

Around noon Ankush and I decided to get our daily training at a higher elevation. We rode out on a rented Enfield motorcycle to South Pullu which is about 15,600 feet. Did a 10K walk/run and got back to Leh by 6 pm. The human body is an amazing thing. I felt so much better at this altitude than few days back at Wari La. The weather up towards Khardung La was as good as it gets. It was sunny for the most part and not too windy. A highlight of this experience was the Bread-Omelette and Masala Chai at the end of our training in this little shack at South Pullu.


It was humbling to see scores of Ladakhi women crushing stone to repair the 'highest motorable road in the world' with just a little hammer in their hands. On one hand, it is livelihood, but on the other, it was heart-renching to see them work in some of the hardest conditions on earth. True, they are locals and conditioned to this, but still…it reinforced how blessed I was. They did not allow us to take a picture of them working, but this picture of stone represents their spirit here.



Most of the runners are out of Leh for a couple of days. Research shows that the best way to acclimatise is to sleep at higher altitudes. For example, if you get up to 16,000 feet in the day and get back down to sleep at 15,000 feet. There are some popular destinations like Stok Kangri, Tso Moriri Lake and Pangon (spelling?) lake. Most are expected to return today and then chill until race day.

Not much else to report on a relatively quiet day. Bye for now.


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