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Double A’s Report (August 10, 2015)

Location: Goba Guest House

Today was day of rest but we used it to recce a portion of the La Ultra route between Spituk village (111 km) to Karu village. This stretch of 35 kms is probably the only flat stretch of the course. Runners should hit this on their second night. We wanted to see if the heavy rains from last week had caused any damage. We rented a motorbike and spent the day on this and marking out a course for the Volunteer Run.

Preview of Volunteer Run Course


I set out with Ankush Dixit (111K participant and fellow Bangalorean) around noon. We lost our way a bit and luckily discovered a road that is desolate and in our opinion a good course for the Volunteer Run. This will be a 21 K Half Marathon. Of course, we expect some to walk and possibly some to cycle the course.

There was some anxiety in the afternoon because we encountered a light drizzle. Being ‘city dudes’ we had left in full sunshine under blue skies with just a light jacket. Thankfully it passed very quickly.

Acupuncture Experience (Courtesy Michael Harrop)


In the evening, I got a free session with Michael Harrop, a Physio from the UK. He checked out my legs and advised me on some exercises for strenthening few specific muscles in my legs. Also got my first experience of acupuncture!



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