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Double A.s Report (August 14,2015)

We are getting closer to the event and scheduled to leave for our Start Line camp in Nubra Valley tomorrow morning. I started the day with a 1 hour run with my runner Chris. After that we reviewed our preparation. Race Strategy and equipment checked out. We went over his funking plan again.

Because of the rain last week some stretches are under shallow water. Had to figure out how to cope with these and avoid getting Chris’s shoes wet. We decided to just use plastic bags over his shoes. Also picked up some savouries, dry fruits and other snacks to keep us going on the race.

Another meeting at 3 pm with final instructions for runners and crew from the Race Director. This was followed by a briefing from the Medical Team. They did a health check on all the runners and collected baseline data. Runners also filled a questionnaire on their medical history, allergies etc.

We are supposed to leave 9 am tomorrow to the start line camp.

P.S: I’m likely to have no Internet access until early a.m on 17th. Bye for now

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