Failing is not a crime; lack of Effort is.

Double A’s Report(August 9, 2015)

Location: Goba Guest House We continue to focus on acclimatisation. On Saturday evening we had agreed that we will go above 17000 feet (5000 metres+). Most of the runners went towards Khardung La which is about 17,800 feet. Khardung La is a popular tourist destination and makes the tall...

Double A’s Report (August, 6 2015)

Location: Goba Guest House, Leh Greetings! Got in to Leh on a morning flight from Delhi around 0730. Apparently it has been raining in this area for the last few days which is very unusual. Some roads are closed and all flights into Leh were cancelled yesterday. So I...

Double A’s Report (August 5, 2015)

Location: Bangalore Airport As with other journeys, my experience with the 6th Edition of the La Ultra begins on Day 1! I spent the morning going over my checklist to ensure that I had packed all the essentials. After several years of international travel experience, I have learnt to...


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