Failing is not a crime; lack of Effort is.


La Ultra – The High is an ultra marathon like no other. Never before was something labeled so cruel seeing the elements around it. When someone takes away 50 % of oxygen around you, decreases the pressure where it’s difficult for your body to adapt, and asks you to run 333 Kms under 72 hours, the idea surely seems insane.


No other race gives you temperature variation like La Ultra. Ladakh, a Trans Himalayan region in northern India is a cold high altitude desert. Temperatures here in August can fluctuate from 40 Degree C hot to MINUS 12 C cold in matter of 6 hours. You will touch altitudes of 17,500 feet 3 times in the 333 Km category, 2 times in 222 Km & once in the 111 Km category.


This is redefining the limits of human endurance, mental & physical. Only a few in the world of ultra running dare to take up this challenge. In the past 8 years, 123 runners from 23 different countries have participated and 72 have finished.

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